Excel Financial and Investments

Terms Of Service

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  1. Minimum age for Investment 18 years.
  2. Client need to provide following Documents while investing with Excel Financial & Investments India for Indian Citizen. ( Pan Card , Aadhar Card ).
  3. Invoice will be provided to all Clients while providing the Investment.
  4. For Foreign Nationals Both Side of Passport Copy will be required while providing Payments.
  5. Minimum Investment accepted is 5 lakh.
  6. Profits will be transferred to each client Monthly.
  7. The Company doesn’t provide Share Market Tips or any other kind of suggestion to clients on their trading.
  8. The Money Invested with the company should be sent to Company Current Account only. 
  9. Profits will be provided to Bank Details Provided by client only and no transfers to other accounts will be entertained.
  10. Clients need to send photo of Cancel Cheque to the company for Account Linking on company email id.
  11. As many of us know Trading in share market is a risk factor and Excel Financial & Investments India don’t guarantee on profits or the capital invested with Excel Financial & Investments India. Clients Cannot withdraw the money with Excel Financial & Investments India for at least 30 days from the date of investment.
  12. Company would provide their clients with profits up to maximum of 40% returns per month on investment provided by them.
  13. After sending the profits of clients to them the rest remaining profit will be taken by the company.
  14. The company will decide how much profits they will share with the clients.
  15. All Invoices provided to client would be GST Bills if Applicable.
  16. We do trading in only those Stocks, Commodities & NCDEX markets which are allowed by Government of India.
  17. At Excel Financial & Investments India we don’t disclose any of our clients details to any other person.
  18. Profits transferred to overseas clients Additional charge of 10% on profits would be applicable.
  19. Clients cannot Sue or do any sort of legal complaint against Excel Financial & Investments India as they too are aware of the risk involved in Share Market Trading and they have themselves given capital to Excel Financial & Investments India to trade on their behalf. 
  20. All clients at Excel Financial & Investments India have to mandatory sign an agreement with the company.
  21. Excel Financial & Investments India don’t share Trading sheets with any clients.
  22. Excel Financial & Investments India or its proprietor or any of its employee is not responsible if the client commits suicide or any member of his family does due to loss in the market. He so does this act by himself and by no means Excel Financial & Investment is responsible or support such act.
  23. In case of Death of Investor the nominee of the investor would be provided with remaining balance amount and the nominee would have a months’ time to claim that. The money will be provided to only that nominee whose details the client has provided to the company.
  24. In case of no nominee the complete amount would belong to Excel Financial & Investments India.
  25. If the Clients money invested with Excel Financial & Investments India gets loss in trading the company or any of its employee or proprietor is not responsible for the losses.
  26. We don’t trade in Cryptocurrencies.
  1. Profit will be shared in 4th week of every month and profit shared would be up to maximum of 40% of the amount invested.
  2. In case of multiple clients investing with Excel Financial & Investments India profits would be decided by the company and shared with the clients as decided by the company.
  3. The Profits would be shared only to bank accounts provided by Client & no other bank account would be accepted.
  4. In case of change of account client need to send the cancel cheque of the account with a mail to the company from his registered mail id only.