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Get to know Excel Financial & Investments

Excel Financial & Investments India is a place where people can trust us with their investments. We provide our clients with returns on their investments every month. We don’t promise our clients huge returns as it is not possible to achieve huge returns daily so for that we invest our clients money into different Stock Market like Commodities, Forex, NCDEX and NSE.
Our Research team have in depth knowledge of the market trends and as per suggestions given by them we invest our clients money into the market.

We at present are managing Portfolio for more than 80+ Clients in India and Overseas Clients. Excel Financial & Investments India is a private organisation and the Portfolio is managed by Individuals.
We invest in stocks only after learning there trends and also how the company’s stock’s has performed over the years. We take positions in market according to Indian & Global news positions can be short or long. One thing what we all learned over the years from trading is you need to maintain high level of patience and also you need to have the knowledge of the commodity you are thinking into investing. Market gives opportunities to all to earn.
At Excel Financial & Investments India we do trade in NSE, Commodities, NCDEX, & Forex. We Trade in only those stocks which are authorised by the Government of India. We can assure you that if you are Investing with Excel Financial & Investments India you surely will get Profitable returns.

Excel Financial & Investments main motive is towards customer satisfaction. We take at most care while investing your money so that our customers should not face losses from our end.
Many People lose their money for wrong reasons like not painting proper stop loss or having faith on tips which they get from anonymous source which results in losses. We get tips from our own research team and we trade on only those tips which are generated by them. Which in return helps us to accumulate profits and provide good returns to our clients.

Our Main Motive

We’re constantly improving our trading platform, trying to make it the best on the market.

Return To Our Clients

Main motive is that we should provide returns to our clients on monthly basis.


We don’t bluff about our trades or about our profits. We maintain our relationship with our clients with complete Honesty.

Feel Safe

We want our Clients to feel Safe when they are Investing there Hard Earn money with us.

Reward Ourselves 

Our Main Reward is the Smile on our Clients Face while they receive the returns given by us on their Investments.